I’ve inherited the expertise of three generations of Pastry Chefs.

My work involves considerable effort on a daily basis, study, creativity and travelling, besides discussions and an untiring search for raw materials to ensure genuine production charged with personality.

I create unique pastries as an expression of myself, and of my simple and bare land, which is also rich and colourful.
That might seem a paradox but it is not.
Every ingredient used for my creations is carefully chosen and inimitable, the expression of composite and discrete biodiversity.
Hence, I make the most of every scent and aroma of my land to relate its story.

All my creations develop from four basic principles:

Aesthetics: the beauty of shapes, colours and details are the main features that catch the creative eye.

Quality: ongoing search for the best raw materials, which are carefully selected to yield a superior quality product.

Technique: the architecture of the dessert, the technical project, which defines the various components, layering, textures and construction methods.

Sensations: the organoleptic synthesis of the above elements, based on sensations, the feelings awoken by the dessert.