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Classic Panbrigante

Naturally leavened, homemade, oven-baked product. Does not contain raisins and candied fruits.

850 gr


Piaggine, the land of bandits. This leavened creation was inspired by the gestures of the most famous bandit of Piaggine, Lawyer, Giuseppe Tardio. Consistently with my family’s pastry-making tradition, I have always looked back in time in search of typical local recipes. One day my grandfather Pietro told me an anecdote of the 1830s-1860s, the period of banditry in South Italy. There were no typical local pastries at the time and, when bread was made at home with left overs, criscito (sourdough) and honey, the result was a light leavened bread typical of the time. The sourdough ensured it would last for some time. Hence, the myth that brigands loved it. Moreover, the story goes that this bread was an important nourishing food for them when they were hunted and had to hide in isolation. This is how the Brigands’ Bread (Panbrigante) was conceived. Soft dough with three leavening phases and an unmistakeably bold flavour.